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Ágnes Szöllösi - Tengriana

Tengriana by Folt Bolt

I'm Ágnes Szöllösi, creative artist from Hungary.

Currently I live in Spain and I make pendants of my free-hand graphics, mineral stones and silver.

The imaginations of unique jewelry, accessories, glass art and clothing style were born in a colourful world of a big box of pencils & paints. I do researches in symbolism&folklore of many ethnic groups. I trace their philosophy, lifestyle, traditions&legends. I'm very inspired by oriental&tribal cultures starting from Japan, India&Mongolia over Morocco to Native American tribes. I hope I can visit these places some day...

I'm a collector of cultural treats which I then transcript&interpret through my visions.

My inspirations are deeply natural&spiritual and I insert the organic graphics into the plastic material as contemporary context. Thus, it should stand the time and would fade much later - like in a million years. :P

It sounds extreme but my giant chandelier earrings are super light-weight!

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Follow me on any platform if you'd like to receive ancient cultural news in a 21st century translation and watch more photos:

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