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Rakhee Krishna - Art for happy people

Rakhee Krishna by Folt Bolt

Thank you for your interest in my work. My name is Rakhee Krishna. I am born and raised in the south of India and moved to The Netherlands after meeting my wonderful husband.

I live in a typical little Dutch town near the forest and dunes in the south of Netherlands.

I love meditating to the sound of the winds and painting when I am not mothering my child.

From a very young age I was deeply attracted to spiritual living, nature and philosophy. I want to inspire others to keep their dreams alive and to live from their heart.

Creativity and positive, gentle living and being is a way of life for me and I humbly welcome you to join me on this wonder filled journey through art. I am profoundly inspired by nature, colour and the everyday magic of living. I create a harmonious,dream world where everything is possible;where human beings, animals and nature embrace each other fully and co-exist in perfect harmony. I am self-taught and I paint what I feel in my heart.

My emotions are my inspirations. I also make little portrait wooden dolls. I love the idea of having one's family or dear ones close by and that's how I started making custom dolls.

I hope these little dolls will help someone in some way to cope with having to miss a dear one, or just brighten up someone's day just by looking at them.

I try to catch the magic on that special someone's face when I make the doll, so that it really will be a little portrait. I use eco-friendly wood to make these dolls and also use non-toxic paints.

My love for giving made me start 'The Happiness Project ', through which I raise funds for street children projects and orphanages. It moves me deeply when my art has touched another heart and it gives me great joy when it reaches a sweet little child in a far away land.

I love travelling and exploring new countries and cultures, so I make sure to bring the funds and gifts I collect for the children personally, so I also get to know them a little more.

Thank you for taking time to read about me.

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