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Eloïse Labiau - Waxebo

waxebo by Folt Bolt

Each piece tells a story, an emotion, a trip ... It connects us to what we saw, what we love ... Designed for daily or the exceptional to wear in your everyday life, evening or weddings, Waxebo jewelry are created with great attention to detail, reflecting a world that is both elegant, whimsical and fantastic.

The work of the braid offers great freedom of expression by its shapes, colors, arabesques.

Made from various materials quality braid, leather, lace, feathers, they are also, in part, made with semi-precious stones carefully selected based on their colors and forms, which gives the Waxebo jewelry a unique and valuable character.

Each jewel is carefully sewn by hand.

Each piece is thought or improvised.

Thus, every woman can express her own personality with unique creations. Find me here: website facebook alittleMarket Pinterest etsy

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