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Maine Coon Crafts by Folt Bolt

From the point that I can remember, I was creating, making, designing, something. At 8 I made my own beads from adobe clay, dipped them in ink, and carved patterns with a pen nib.

At twelve I attended private art school, forged notes from my mom to get out of ballet/modern dance class, so that I could double up on my time in metal smithing.

The teachers must have known that the notes were forged, but they always let me go to metal shop where I excelled and had work showcased weekly. After teaching myself additional metal forging and jewelry design techniques, I started selling my pieces to a kiosk in the mall.

I applied to FIT. The Fashion Institute of Technology gave me the "bones" of the industry and sent me on my way, a year later I was the head designer of a major New York design house and loving every minute of it.

Two years further brought me to having my own line, a baby, and representation by 3 major showrooms in Manhattan.

I was in Accessory Magazine as the "hot" new designer, photo-shoots in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. The industry went from domestic manufacturing in Providence, Rhode Island to overseas. One trip to the Orient and I knew that I was done.... I left the industry I am now returning to the art, craft, design, that I love, and look forward to creating, exploring and producing beautiful things that people love to wear....

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