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Caroline Ashwood works as a full time artist from a studio in Sheffield where she gets physical with the paint and canvas.

Her work is abstract expressionism, visceral and spontaneous. When she paints, she relies entirely on her instincts.

Using her hands to work the paint washes around the surface, continually moving the artwork back and forth to keep the colours flowing. Her approach is an everlasting exploration of texture, colour and shape.

Eventually she reaches a point where she allows the paint to take the control so that she can revel in the prospect of the paint surprising her yet again.

Specialising in large scale commissions, her collection is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour and texture. Caroline Ashwood studied art & design in Yorkshire and London. After gaining a much coveted position at Maurice and Charles Saatchi's ad agency in London, she embarked on a career as an award-winning creative in advertising.

Encouraged by a popular following and patronage for her artwork, she decided to paint full time in 2004.

Since that time, she has developed a technique that is recognised as her signature style. Her work remains unique through her in-depth understanding of the medium and its relationship to light, colour and texture.

Whilst often seen as abstract expressionism, Caroline takes literal points of reference from macro and micro observations in nature, geology and science. Her work is featured in many private collections worldwide and she has exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the UK.

Artist statement 2013: Through my work, I am constantly exploring the relationship between colour, light and form. Even though it was drilled into me in my earliest formal art studies that drawing and draughtsmanship are of critical importance to serious artistic endeavour, it was only when I ventured away from literal points of reference that I began to discover the visceral impact to be enjoyed in the luminance, shapes and hues of glorious nature.

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