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Welcome to my world made of what I adore..leather, ceramics, crystals, lace and whatever arouses my curiosity.

I love mixing these materials together, choosing throughout thousands of possibile combinations, in order to obtain that final result that makes me say "Yes...this is it!!"

I was born in Canada and have been living in Italy for 35 years. This land is a great inspiration for me...with it's sense of harmony, the beauty of it's landscapes and the wonderful palette of colours it displays.

I have always loved making purses and jewelry since a was a tiny girl and now in my mid-forties I have decided to share my creations with the world and it gives me a great joy knowing that someone on the other side of the world is wearing something I made with loving care. It's like "linking" yourself to the world through your handcraft...and it really makes me feel Glad2Balive!!!

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