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Julijana Rodic Ozimec - JOR

I came from goldsmith's family, that is how I got into jewelry, already 25 years. With time I built my own way of expression.

I had solo exhibitions of my unique jewelry in 2005., 2008., 2010., 2013., in Croatia, and have one 1st prize for jewelry design in Croatia, year 2000.

I like to think of myself as form – explorer.

People like to ask artist what inspire him.

To me, inspiration is the way I live; Things that surrounds me inspires me, people and their stories, communicating with them.

My cat, good weather, bad weather, nature in general.

Mostly, when I work, I am in state of mind of not thinking.

Except from my work, I have husband and daughter and son, two dogs and three cats.

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