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Ruth Blauert - dobedo

Dobedo is the brand and do-be-do is my device.

I love to be and I love to do - that is, what it's basically all about :)

Both in my life and in my art, I'm working for a light,

playfull, creative, humorous, truthful & sincerely expression.

Since 2000 I live and work as artist, actress & designer in Berlin/Germany .

I made my diploma in visual communication & arts in Aachen/Germany in 1997.

Dobedo was founded in 2003.

Under the name of dobedo I am manufacturing clothes & accessories mainly for women & girls.

Most of the pieces are one of a kind.

As i often work with visible seams and raw edges, almost all steps of their growing can be seen. That creates some kind of roughness and vulnerability at the same time.

I don't sew them by pattern, but model them like a sculpture until they are able to tell their story.

Dobedo is created of new, used and found materials, so that the pieces are able to tell different stories of present & bygone times, different countries, hidden places, misty feelings, coloured dreams and joyful living.

Dobedo is done to protect you an inspire you to live your own life.

step by & find out :)

Find me here:




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