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Margarita Georgiou - Blue Margarita

Hi! My brand name is not accidental..."Blue" because it is one of my favorite colors, the color of the aegean sea and of the open skies. "Margarita", because as a flower reminds me of the spring meadows and as a coctail is bringing memories of hanging out with my friends. And after all Margarita is my name!

I live in Athens (most of the time) or at Santorini island (my origins). Apart jewelry I study to become a kindergarten teacher.

I hope that I will be able to combine teaching and crafting and become a... creative teacher.

I'm enjoying making jewelry and always trying my best to create quality items, addressed to creative, imaginative and spirited people all over the world.

The possibility to communicate and exchange things throughout earth is, by itself, a great experience. The past four years I spent most of my time with my studies (pre-preliminary education and jewelry). I have attended specialized courses (macrame, metalsmith, porcelain painting) and spent a lot of hours experimenting with different materials and techniques.

My favorite materials are eco-friendly and/or upcycled, recycled fiber, gems and embroidery.

Apart these I enjoy working with metals, especially silver. Living in Greece, and especially, during the summer at Santorini island, I was lucky to get inspired by the greek culture and the aegean colors, shades and images!

I offer 10% discount in my etsy shops ( here and here ) until the July 30th, coupon code: FOTBOLT

You can find me here:

etsy -metal

etsy -bohem



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