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I´m Helena, an architect from Portugal.

I descend from an artisans family, master builder and carpenter, joiner and fitter (mechanic), so it´s in my blood the need to create something with my hands, all the time.

I decided that I should take some workshops,because my day job was not so creative as I need it to be.

And the thing that seduced me most was to learn how to work with acrylic.

I loved it so much, that I started to buy tools and materials in order to make more pieces.

I love all pieces, because they are made with care, searching for peace of mind, and trying to learn new techniques.

I buy the acrylic sheets after studying the design and color of the bracelets, and rings, and all materials to be applied.

Thereafter, the acrylic is cut with a jewellery saw, filled, sanded and polished, all handmade. When hot, the acrylic is molded according to the desired shape.

I´m offering laser cut models now, a way to to create affordable pieces from my ooak handmade prototypes, also available in my etsy shop.

I´m open to study and create any thing you have on your mind, so contact me and challenge me:)

I also offer you a 30% off coupon code on already made, ready to ship items and 15% in personalized ones.

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