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Our “House of Baltic Linen” family owned company was born in Australia, beautiful Mornington Peninsula. It’s hard to say who or what inspired the birth of our linen business or how the idea became the reality, but one thing is obvious - being far away from our home country, feeling homesick 24/7 was huge motivation to bring into Australia something authentic, something truly Lithuanian, which undoubtedly was LINEN, real Lithuanian linen, which we are so proud of! Linen, which is grown, woven and made into beautiful fabric exclusively in our home country-small Baltic State in the middle of Europe.

It was rather difficult task: firstly we had to find the way to import linen fabrics from Lithuania to Australia. After uncountable number of letters, phone calls and fabric samples from different linen manufacturers in Lithuania we eventually took the plunge and ordered our very first batch of linen fabrics.

Oh, joy, the fabrics were so beautiful that our hands shook the first time we took the scissors to cut it…

We didn’t have much experience to sew from linen back then and that’s how Doville’s mother, who is a real linen master, joined us- we had the longest Skype sessions working on both ends of the world at the same time. We have learned how to make towels, tablecloths, cushions and eventually- bed linen!

The process was endless but very exciting! Long journey of hard work, trials, experiments, discoveries, mistakes, failures and achievements made our House of Baltic Linen stronger and stronger.

We learned how to sew, how to stonewash- Erik’s endless research, testing, piles of ruined fabric, and even how to dye linen- absolutely fantastic process were we both get ourselves dirty from heads to toes, continuously argue and eventually, tremble with enormous joy and satisfaction when something beautiful is “born”! Everyone in our family is involved- we are so proud to say this is a real family business - both of us, our 2 lovely daughters, our parents and even friends at the other end of the world!

We are proud to say our most successful product is bed linen- natural, organic, pure linen bedding, which looks amazing and most definitely will last a lifetime! We have never been tempted to do modern things, even though the popularity of screaming neon colours, geometric patterns will never seems to end! Linen to us is noble fabric and deserves to be treated like royalty! Only timeless classic designs or as we call it “vintage inspired” are best suited for good quality linen bedding. The inspiration for our designs usually comes from little things, like stunning nature around us, with it’s vivid colours, textures or smells. Even our customers might come with absolutely amazing idea which eventually turns into new design. We do keep our eyes open following the new colour trends, new patterns and fabrics but before starting something new we always ask the same question: is it going to survive, is classy and timeless, will it have value over the time?

We keep all our hand drawn sketches and from time to time we love to look through them again – this way we can see our progress and our journey.

We are growing every day. Our lovely customers come from all around the world: Australia, US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, etc.

We don’t “do” quantities- quality is the most important for us! Sometimes we can be frustratingly slow- time is our biggest enemy, considering the fabrics are coming from other side of the world and we are unable to speed up things which are beyond our control. But we have to say enormous “Thank you!” to our customers for their patience and understanding.

Our House of Baltic Linen philosophy is simple: we want to create linen things for home that people will love, that are timeless and will be passed from generation to generation.

We wish to make the luxury of linen affordable to everyone who loves and appreciates linen.

Pure, simple, refined and elegant, vintage inspired designs pay tribute to everything we love about linen.

With Love,

Doville & Erik

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