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Yekaterina Mokeyeva - Feuer Und Wasser

I'm Yekaterina Mokeyeva, or Katia, textile artist and clothing designer. Born in Ukraine, raised in Moscow, I live in outskirts of San Francisco, California, with my husband and two kids.

I first discovered and began my felting experiments at California College of the Arts .

I am deeply fascinated by the broad spectrum that wool possesses, from complex, almost surreal and impossible forms to the most unusual textures. It’s quite amazing how one material could procure such varying final products, not to mention that wool is incredibly versatile, both on its own and in combination with other materials.

Nature is an origin of inspiration for me. While I live in an urban environment near San Francisco, the outlying places with an abundance of woods and wilds always bring another spiritual experience to me when I need it. You can find such elements in my works, down to the wonderful eucalyptus branch buttons that my husband crafts from gathered fallen branches.

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I have upcoming workshops listed on my website.

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