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Jonathan Dixon - Dixon Does Doodles

I'm an illustrator and print-maker based in beautiful Bristol in the United Kingdom. I'm also the father of three mini maniacs who amaze and inspire me to draw whenever I can about anything I can.

My main body of work at the moment centers around dinosaurs, animals, zombies and more dinosaurs. But I do draw just about anything, albeit in my style. Some people asking for child portraits have had a bit of a shock with the results!

I work in different mediums, but my 2 favorites are my crusty, rusty dip pen and a pot of ink which is messy, fun and the results are very pleasing to (my) eye and using porcelain paints on ceramic/stoneware kitchen ware.

As a child/teenager/twenty-something I drew ALL the time then I took an unexpected and unplanned break from drawing for a long time. The wonders of a job in retail and living life just made me forget how much I enjoy doodling.

But after a lot of poking and encouragement from my family I started again a few years ago and it feels fantastic!

I started drawing in secret as the results where not very pretty to me but as I progressed in letting my brain talk to my hand I took the step I never took before and started to show and sell my work.

It's been amazing to see people react positively to my work and I hope it continues for a long, long time!

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