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Benedetta Maxia - Fulana Beltrana Sicrana

‘Fulana Beltrana Sicrana’ is a brand of one-of-a-kind art dolls and accessories designed and handmade in Lisbon, Portugal, by Benedetta Maxia.

Benedetta is Italian but she is living for over 10 years in Portugal, where she is also working as a professional contemporary dancer and translator.

Each doll is created individually and as a unique piece and the style – inspired by primarily upcycled vintage fabrics that Benedetta has been selecting and collecting over the years – has 60′s/70′s fashion and music influences as well as more current or timeless ones.

The name is the feminine version of the Portuguese expression “Fulano, Beltrano e Sicrano" and its equivalent in other languages woud be "Tizia, Caia e Sempronia", "Jane, Jill and Mary", "Pierrette, Paulette et Jacqueline", "Fulana, Zultana y Mengana", "Jasia, Julka i Marysia", "Λόλα, Φαίη και Μιμή (Lola, Fay and Mimi)"…

Unlike the common use of the expression, the dolls are easily recognizable – Fulanas and Fulanos have dark hair, Beltranas and Beltranos have red hair and Sicranas and Sicranos have brown hair and each one has a unique and special personality.

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