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Katelyn Worley - HomeGrownFabrics

HomeGrownFabrics is located on a small farm in Alabama , USA. Here at HomeGrownFabrics we strive to make quality products at competitive prices. but we truly enjoy creating beautiful items that brighten up our clients homes, outfits and lives.

HomeGrown Fabrics started in 2013, after Katierose graduated from NMSU with a BS in Clothing Textiles and Fashion Merchandising. The business is now a small mother (J. Peet) daughter( Katierose) business, both share a love of Fabric and color, and hope to share that love with others.

As the business grows it is a joy to use more local fiber, and crops produced in the area on our farm to make fabric.

This year is a big year for the farm, with new, small plot of flax, beehive, and natural dyeing plants in the garden including madder, nettles, marigolds, our ladies bedstraw, elecampane and of course Indigo .

As we develop into a fiber farm we will obtain more animals like sheep, alpaca, goats, and rabbits. The goal is to use sustainable practices, and limited chemicals.

The earth is a beautiful gift to us, so we hope to make the most of what land we have here!

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