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Diana Granta - ZUMZUM

My name is Diana Granta. I'm from Riga in Latvia and I'm the person who creates ZUMZUM magic out of wool. ZUMZUM is all about wool, different kind of hand made creatures from toys for kinds to serious fashion.

Quite high in demand of all my works are the portrait dolls - sculptures of wool - a lookalike to a real person.

I make it carefully from photos, so the face, hair style and even clothes match the person exactly.

Can you imagine the excitement people have when they see their own lookalikes made of wool? They can't believe it's just a wool. I have studied art and division of portrait is my favorite.

I started with drawings and paintings, did collages and now I'm making portraits of wool. People like it a lot and honestly it an exclusive present to everyone. I make toy rattles as well with a tiny container inside filled with rice which makes the toy a 'little alive' and kids love it.

Also on display of my shop you can find different kind of accessories - brooches, bow ties, hats for kids and magnificent scarfs inspired by world of art. It all is available for your order. If you are interested to order portrait doll, all I need is 4 to 5 photos of the lucky person. It's important the pics are in high quality so I can study the face of the person in close.

First after the order is accomplished, I'll send back the photos, then the doll itself. The delivery abroad isn't a problem.

Every doll comes with a box, and I can send it worldwide.

And finally - to make it all more eventful, order a portrait doll from my etsy shop and get 10% discount. Password is:


Offer ends on 15th June.

Find me here:





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