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Susan Wechsler - Susan Wechsler Mosaics

I live & work in Boulder, Colorado with my husband, 2 boys and my dog Lucy.

As an artist and passionate collector, I adore shopping at flea markets and antique malls. It is in that search for the perfect object that my mosaic inspiration begins. When I discover a discarded treasure that I can re-work into something beautiful, my spirit soars. My palette is antique china, stained glass, found objects, tiles, and gem stones to mention a few. Growing up on a farm in Ohio I cherished the many hours I spent working in the tool shed. When I combine my woodworking skills with a layering technique inspired by the Tramp Artists, a unique style is born.

My years as a New York City costume designer taught me how to use colors, patterns and textures to tell compelling stories that evoke different times and places throughout history.

What is most unique about my mosaic style is that I honor the integrity and history of each piece of china by carefully cutting and then placing the patterns back together. My true creative desire is to inspire through the unique telling of spiritual stories.

I would like to give 20% off studio art with a code word:

ART ROCKS$ Offer ends: 30th of June. Just email me for the details!

Find me here:









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