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My name is Kenya Finley and my shop is Flomop Studio! I live in historic Yorktown, Virginia and I make needle-felted animals... bringing wool to life, one critter at a time! I put my heart and soul into each and every one of the little felted animals I create... without a doubt a labor of love!! I've always been crafty, with some of my fondest memories being time spent with my grandmother at her kitchen table creating all sorts of things! It wasn't until a few years ago, that I realized that I could create "stuff out of fluff" as I call it! I've never considered myself an artist, by any stretch of the imagination, so you can imagine my surprise when my first little needle-felted experiment actually turned into something recognizable! I must say that from that point on, I've been 100% addicted to it!!! :) I just love the challenge of creating new critters... and it never ceases to amaze me that they actually turn out how I plan them to!!

For anyone who is not familiar with the process of needle-felting, it is an art where you take wool fiber and poke it with special barbed needles until those fibers begin to bind together and become firm enough to sculpt into shapes with those same needles! The sky is the limit... anything you can imagine can be needle-felted into existence!! Ever since I was a child, I've always had a sincere love and compassion for animals of all kinds!! I'd say horses and dogs though share the biggest piece of my heart! I have been blessed to have several, very special animals in my life through the years, and know that the impact that animals can have on our lives is truly amazing! I put a lot of love into each little critter that I make, and try to incorporate a lot of personality into each and every one!! It is so rewarding to know how much they are loved and cherished by the people that they go to, and that that they bring so much happiness to people all over the world!!

I do take custom orders, where through pictures sent to me by the client, I re-create a miniature version of someone's pet! These are especially fun, because I'm able to re-create a memory for someone of a particular animal that is or has been special to them in their life! I am honored to get a glimpse into people's special relationships with their pets through the stories that they share when I'm working with them to re-create their miniature sculpture.

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