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I’m TimeaN.Tóth, I live in a small town in the heart of Hungary with my husband and two teenagers… I’m a teacher by profession, but the love of beauty and creation distracted me from this line very early. With the endless dance of colours, shapes, moods, and styles ramping in my head I felt an overwhelming desire to create technically demanding pieces of work. This made me learn sewing skills after finishing college and then I attended a school of fashion, design, and styling. Now I design clothes for unique orders, and making my own-designed products. I enjoy that the whole process of work, from the plans until the fixing of the last button, goes through my own hands. This way I can put my love, my care into clothes and accessories and I am responsible for the entire project. I believe that my inserted feelings are conveyed to those who use or just have a look at these objects made with love. I offer clothes and accessories made of a special wool fabric modelled and shaped with needle-felt technique. My works represent two styles. One of them is vivid, colorful and cheerful. It brings happiness and dynamism to the grey weekdays. They are are stunning colorful spots in the livid metropolitens and they fit friendly for the country kind of lifestyle too :) The other style is soft, charming and romantic. Full of blooming pastel colors and a bit of shabby chic. I offer them more to special, unique events. In my latest works the motives of the Hungarian folksy style also appear.

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