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Anne Julie Aubry

Anne Julie Aubry is a French artist and illustrator whose work depicts either a dark or a colourful whimsy with a humble self portraiture. Crows, dragonflies, flakes, nature elements appear often in her paintings. She is inspired by her personal environment, fairytales from her childhood, and dreams. She creates digital illustrations and loves to create handmade items from them. From jewelry to fabric journals, she has a strong will to offer unique and very special crafts to her fans over the world. She lives and creates in south of France. She offers a 15% discount in her whole shop. Offer ends on Sunday 8th midnight, coupon code for Etsy: FOLTBOLT

Find her here:

Official Website/Portfolio Blog Etsy Shop Facebook Pinterest Twitter Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/annejulie/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/annejulieaubry

#illustration #france

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