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Rosalinda McKenzie - Button Owl

Button Owl was created in 2013 as a way of being able to stay at home with my two small children and satisfy my strong need to be creative and work with beautiful fabrics. I have always loved designing and was always searching for unique but affordable soft furnishings for my children's rooms, which inspired me to create my own.

When I was little, my mother would let me choose fabrics which she'd then make into dresses for me, which inspired my fascination with fabrics and sewing.

I was taught soft furnishing and traditional upholstery techniques after finishing school and then trained at the Royal School of Needlework learning amazing embroidery techniques. Now my children are surrounded by fabrics and design, just as I had been!

I have found felt to be the most amazing fabric to mould and create bright soft beautiful designs, which I use as my main medium.

One of my favourite parts of the business is modifying products and creating completely custom made items for customers, for a truly unique product.

I believe in creating each item with great care and attention to detail to ensure unique quality items which will inspired imaginations and make people smile!

You can use the discount code FOLTBOLT 15 for a 15% discount on all products in my etsy shop. Offer ends 14th June!

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