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Peini Yang - KK Children Designs

My name is Peini Yang.

When I was growing up, our house is just next to the city park and my best memory was being able to explore the nature in the park, learn to observe, touch, play and create new ideas.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, where I have degrees in both Creative Art Design and Fashion Design. I have always loved to create things. Currently, I am a stay-home mom with 2 beautiful twin girls. I am very passionate about designing.

Being a mom, especially having 2 twin girls I have to be very conservative on spending, not to mention I always wanted them to look extra pretty.

By saying that, I used to purchase lots of dresses and outfits for them, those dresses or outfits are either seasonal or they grow out of it just in a few months.

Also, the quality of the clothes are not reliable. If you are a mom, I am sure you can understand that!

This was the main reason I have decided to design and make dresses for my girls.

I used the best quality of the fabrics and designed many "styles that grow with your child" for them. As a result, they were able to wear them for at least 2 to 3 years.

Now, my twin girls are both teenagers and I have decided to "share" all my designs.

Wherever I go, I always bring a note book, a pencil and my awesome camera.

I love to observe small things, sketch or capture them with my camera. I also love to observe children. This is where I want to design and create "styles that grow with your child" that children are able to move freely and happily.

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