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Suzy Brown - Wool Wench Handspun Yarn

I was born and bred in New Zealand, and have a background in many things that generally range from farm work to academic teaching, and even includes some odd things like marionette creation and mural painting. I learned to spin over 18 years ago at the urging of my Aunt, and the call of the old woolshed where the lessons were held. It was a magical place, ingrained with lanolin and just a stones throw from the small harbor where the wool bales would be shipped out of the country and sent around the globe. Since then I have also moved to the other side of the planet! and am now based in the Netherlands Europe, where I hold various art yarn and weaving workshops, raise my two kids, ride my bicycle, and keep my entire fiber stash recklessly in one place.

Most recently, in partnership with Arlene Thayer of Spin Artiste, I have co-created both FiberyGoodness.com and developed the 10 month online ‘Journey to the Golden Fleece Fiber Creativity Certificate’. I also designed and worked with Majacraft to create the new Circular Loom used in the course, and I have released several tutorials on using these simple and fun looms to create some unique pieces. We are continuing to add to the course materials available on FiberyGoodness, it is an exciting venture!

My own website is packed with mini-tutorials, instruction videos, ebooks, and galleries of both handspun yarns and weavings created over the last couple of years.

I would say my work is largely curiosity driven, and experimental at all times. I have coined the term ‘Yarn Architect’ to describe my interest in constructing yarns that combine both traditional and contemporary techniques and mix up textures and fiber preparations to build multiplied and layered yarns, which I often use in my other love, freeform weaving.

Please come and say on my facebook page. and visit my website. If you are interested in our online fiberista education my site has information about current courses.

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