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Hi, my name is Silvia Logi and I am a self-taught artist from Italy.

I create mixed medias mosaics in a very big range of works starting from small one-of-a kind bijoux to paintings, sculptures and home décor. My favourite materials are wood and natural elements that I love to mix up with contrasting materials such as pencils, glass, mirrors, coloured sands and stones, cord, acrylic colours

I started in late 2005 to create my first mosaics as a game and passion but I put so much energy and commitment in it that this soon became my full time job.

To describe my technique I usually say “I paint with bits of materials instead of brushes and colours”. My work gives me a great sensation of freedom .

I showcase and sell my works in art galleries, artistic craft shops but mainly through Internet . In 2013 I was selected by a team of American film directors to be the subject of their project of documentary on 3 contemporary artists in Florence, the city where I was born and still live and work. This short documentary amazed me deeply and I still cannot believe this happened to me. This year it is being presented around in Film Festivals circuit in the United States and won many important awards already. The title is “Sbocciare” (in Italian this means “to blossom”) and basicly it is about how someone can find art and beauty in him/herself at any age and by different paths in his/her life. This is the trailer and the facebook page.

On 27th, 28th and 29th of May I give a 20 % discount on all artworks to followers who order me the pieces with this code: “SEENONFOLT”. You have to write me on my facebook page by private message in the 3 days mentioned above.

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