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Orly Fuchs Galchen - Hollowlogy

Hollowlogy is the name of my business.

I kind of made up this word :) To me it describes my journey of experimentation with creating hollow polymer clay beads while incorporating more and more complex designs and construction possibilities to it.

Hello everyone, my name is Orly Fuchs Galchen and I'm the artist behind Hollowlogy.

I live in Israel, a wife and a mother. A self-taught polymer clay artist.

I have been a crafts fan since forever and 11 years ago I got hooked on Polymer Clay and I have been intrigued and excited by it ever since.

In 2013 I have developed an easy and logical method for making hollow polymer clay beads using nothing but polymer clay.

I call my technique "Hollowlogy – the study of hollow polymer clay beads".

Find my tutorials and beads here:



#israel #polymerclay #jewelry #beadart

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