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Ziva Voga and Sasa Rojak - Dorimu

The story of Dorimu began in 2009 when we were looking for a special doll that would resemble the main character of our book - The Story of Little Dorimu (a fairytale for adults). Since none of the available dolls was THE right one, we decided to make it ourselves, despite the fact, that until then we were just two translators from Slovenia, living and working together in Graz, Austria.

After little Dorimu was finished, we knew that doll making is something we want to devote our time, energy and love to. We established the brand DORIMU and very soon our dolls became collectibles, decoration and objects of art, especially in the USA, Canada and Australia. A milestone in our doll making career was the exhibition “A doll – more than just a toy”.

Later we started developing other exclusive gifts, such as needle felted fairies and had the unique opportunity to work with one of the most famous fashion designer teams in Slovenia – DRAŽ knitwear. Together we created a special line of Dorimu dolls as well as brooches and necklaces with Dorimu fairies, that were presented at the Ljubljana Fashion Week as part as DRAŽs´ winter 2014 collection.

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