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Gabriella Faludi - Faludi G

My name is Gabriella Faludi. I am a jewel designer. I live and work in Debrecen, Hungary with my husband and son. I have been working with glass for 13 years, and have been making jewels for 8 years. Making jewels is the sort of craft where you must make right and wrong very often to be able to recognize and familiarize with the innermost dynamics of the processes related.

My experiences of the past couple of years gathered as a designer taught me the importance of creating a simple base and that it is even more important that no energy and no attention should be spared for creating miniscule details and differences sometimes difficult to catch visually.

The elusive momentum impossible to visualize, the harmonic aura of detailed workmanship hidden behind the simplicity makes an object just right.

I basically work with glass but silver, litracon, and several other material have really important roles in my new collection. I like experimenting with new materials, shapes and solutions, and especially with concepts not necessarily related with jewel making.

The jewels of Faludi G are custom designed and handcrafted. The jewels we make are unique, attractive and daring, with carefully refined shapes. In the ever changing world of fashion we want to stay true to our own vision. That is how Faludi G can remain authentic and our jewels can be truly unique. Wearing our jewels are fashionable, but we want more: we want it to be a sensation, a special feeling.

We make our jewels for women, who play the most important part in our story.

Women, who are constantly trying to find themselves, trying to take on and perpetuate their own values in a world where it is easy to feel out of balance.

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