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I am Flóra Bakos, a bag designer and the founder of Gubolyka. The Gubolyka bags and accessories are built on the traditional Hungarian motive world. There are some patterns which are a direct reproduction of the original; there are some patterns I modify and sometimes the original motives only provides an inspiration for a new piece. I collect inspiration from the treasures of folk art: old drawings, folktales, cassette lofts so about everything which was related to the

Hungarian peasant world from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, then I strive to graph them like that anyone can wear them today. The aim of Gubolyka to open people's eyes to that it is worth absorbing in a nation's culture as we find a great deal of beauty in them. You can live anywhere, get to know as many cultures as you can, wear this accessories and show off to the people living around you, that the world is so close! Please let me know if you have an individual request!

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