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I would start with the fancy phrase, that since my childhood I prepared myself being an artist, and I was impressed by the love of handicraft when I was only 6...but actually I did not.:) To be honest I was orientated to different arts - music and dance- and as my profession, I am a journalist. However my immovable persuasion, as a little child, was that I am not a corpuscle to create things by my own hands. As usual, the medium and the "case", which ​ I was surrended by, were only people who could make incredibly wonderful handicrafts; they were sewing, crocheting, bindig....and I did not for doing's sake. But after my son's birth, something really changed....me myself. I was dissatisfied though just being at home all the time, after a huge whirl of my life, I knew I must do something else, if a day is 24 hours. So I made my first handmade soft- treaded shoes. I began with soft-treaded shoes, then later on I got "unworldly" and made my Nyoszorka and Hagymácska dolls, which are very popular among the children.

Next I continued with Olíva the rabbit girl, Macibari -who is a lovely mixed creature-, and by now the stock-in-trade completed with the collection of Ecoflowers - eco bunches, tissue holders, hair trimmings, purses etc. and Edushka. The secret is I make them by my own hands and heart to be very detailed, human and personal. To sum up I would finish it with an answer for an everyday question; " Have you ever thought of doing this?" NO, I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF IT, BUT NOW THIS IS MY LIFE! :)

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