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Andrea Pucsok - MumuShop

​Hello, my name is Andrea Pucsok. Crafter of custom & handmade MumuShop softies, stuffed dolls and animals, which I have been creating since 2012.

My aim is to shape the characters popping out of my head into clear and simple shapes with harmonic colors, and this is how they become the easily recognizable products of MumuShop.​

I’m mostly inspired by fairy tales, though sometimes specific orders can also spark some wondrous ideas.

I like to imagine and visualize the well-known fairy tale heroes and villains in an unusual & creative way with a little twist. A touch of my own sense of humor and some fun make these cheerful and happy creatures likable not only for children but for adults as well.

All of my softies are prepared with reinforced sewing, therefore, they are lasting and safe even for the younger ones.

They are made of textile with careful and precise needlework, while the faces and some other parts are embroidered.

Find me here:


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